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Keep up with Trends with the Daily Heller

artbook_2097_784568494.jpgI have mentioned Steven Heller before, the most prolific design critic and writer out there. I have also mentioned his blog, "The Daily Heller." I think he keeps getting better and better and, if you aren't already reading it regularly, you should do so.

Go here:

Some of the recent articles include some commentary about a film done on a street fashion photographer, a tribute to a Dutch poster designer, and Die Neue Linie, a Bauhausian lifestyle mag published back in the 1930s.

Some Cool Finds

A blog called GraphicHug has some great visual finds. Check out this area on Typography. There are great new and old typefaces displayed and described. If only we could buy them all!

This one is all about clean and contemporary Swiss.

I can't get over how amazing this NY design agencies work is. I found it because on another blog they were talking about the new Manhattan subway map. Check it out:

New Blog Finds
Just as it sounds a blog for vintage ads.
"Grain edit is focused on classic design work from the 1950s-1970s and contemporary designers that draw inspiration from that time period. Site content includes interviews, articles, designers' libraries as well as examples of rare design annuals, type specimens, Ephemera, posters and vintage kids books from our bookshelves."

Check this out!

This guy, who recently graduated with his MFA concentrating in design has a great website. What I like most about it is that he shows his process for his projects and even talks about it on accompanying videos. His work is good and that, my friends, is proof that the more you put into it, the better the outcome will be!

Check these posters out!

Many of these designs could be used for the Rapproachment of Cultures competition you are entering. Check them out and let me know what you think.

Design 21 Language Competition

Poster Examples and Whatnot

Steven Heller's Daily

Steven Heller is a professor of design at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Heller has written and edited hundreds of books about design that are, in my opinion, some of the best resources for design out there. In conjunction with Print Magazine, Heller began a daily email newsletter called The Daily Heller, that anyone interested can subscribe too. Heller's newsletter helps the best of us keep up with contemporary issues in design and art.

Here are a few examples of recent newsletters:

January 22
January 25
January 26

Inspiration for Next Project

Here are websites that show examples of social cause/change posters and of designers doing interesting social good work:

First Things First 2000
Design Manifesto
Museum on the Seam: International Coexistence Project
AIGAs Society and Environment Page: Check out the various social cause campaigns
Design for Social Good: Agency doing only social cause type of work
Big Think Studios: another agency doing "good" work
Project M: A yearly project that GD students participate in with well-known designers doing "good" things
Bruce Mau Design: Massive Change

Please poke around in these sites and find something that inspires you. Post a response for next week.

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