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Schedule for 4/12-4/22 + Project Sheets and Examples

Attached is your Project 3 project sheet. On that, specific details about what will be happening and what is due are on the sheet. See attachments at bottom of this posting

In a nutshell:

Apr. 12/13
Begin Project 3
Readings assigned; check project sheet for other due pieces

Apr. 14/15
Project 3 Work on setting up document
Reading assigned; check project sheet for weekend work

Apr. 19/20
Rough of P3 Due; in-class critique
Discuss reading; project due next session

Apr. 21/22
Final Critique P3

Project Sheet: project3_thebooklet.pdf
Brochure Examples: brochure_ex.pdf
Reading 1: chap2_layout.pdf
Reading 2: chap3_layout.pdf
Reading 3: chap4_layout.pdf

Important Information Missing from Readings!

In anatomy one, it will help to know two more things; one, the designer of this 2003 poster is Copper Greene.

Each one of the posters is analyzed in various ways pulling from either current events in news or from a progressive line of of similar designs from historical to present examples. In this Iraq poster here is what they are drawing from:

The first line of inquiry is about History-defining photography.
The second line of inquiry is about KKK costumes and sacrificial positions.
The third is about figure silhouettes.

In anatomy 2, the designer is Cyan and it was done in 1997. The first line of inquiry is optical patterns; the second is same design, different colors and the third is clip art.

In anatomy 3, the designer is Milton Glaser from 1987. The first line of inquiry is unusual shapes; the second is folded paper corners; and the third is creased and layered papers.

Reading for Next Week (2/8): Due Mon./Tues for Discussion

Read this reading from the book, "Problem Solved: A Primer in Design and Communication," by Michael Johnson. Respond on your blog by Monday/Tuesday of next week and be prepared to discuss one point that you found interesting.


Reading for Next Week: Due for Tues./Wed.

The first reading for next week is taken from:

Color Design Workbook, copyright 2006, Rockport Publishers

You will be getting a refresher on Color Theory from Chap. 1 and information about color context from Chap. 2.

Please respond to this reading on your blog for next week.


Readings for the Course

We will have assigned readings for the Graphic Design 1 this semester. Readings and exercises will be taken from the following books:

Decoding Design: Understanding Symbols and Using Symbols in Graphic Design; Maggie McNab
Creativity for Graphic Designers; Mark Oldach
Color Design Workbook; Terry Lee Stone
Problem Solved: A Primer in Design and Communication; Michael Johnson

Your first reading for the course, with a response on your blog due the second day of class is: problem_solved_ch2.pdf

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