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Making an impact

In the current economic climate and tight budgets at the U, you may wonder how you can help. Every great innovation starts with an idea. Maybe you have an idea for how OIA might do things better - how to run more efficiently, how to save money. If you do, here's how to make an impact with your idea:

Write down your idea. Show it to your manager.

The documentation methodology that we have in OIA is as follows:

  1. Vision document
  2. Design document
  3. Diagrams (usually part of Design)
  4. Roles and responsibilities definitions
  5. Post-project review

So the first step in getting any idea implemented is to write a "Vision" document. What goes into a "Vision" document depends on the idea. As an example, Mike and I recently wrote a kind of "Vision" document for Doug that outlined a possible way we might leverage our use of VMWare to support independent customer hosting, beyond what we do today. It included a history of virtualization in CCO/OIA, the current state of our VMWare architecture, discussion of future growth, and a brief outline of how we could build upon that base to provide a different level of customer hosting.

That was the "Vision" document, which I reviewed with Doug. Now that Doug has reviewed and approved this first step, the next step is to create a detailed "Design" - and if that looks promising, we can take the idea further towards an implementation.

Do you have an idea that could help us Simplify, Standardize, Automate how we do things in OIA? Your first step is to capture your idea in that "Vision document, and review it with your manager.

Need help? If you don't know where to start in writing a "Vision" document, please stop by. We can talk about your idea, and figure out the best way to present it in a "Vision" document.