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Working through difficult times

Borrowing from the IT Leaders Program that I was in, I thought I'd pass this along. As you saw in Steve's emails this week, the U is under a very tight budget.

It's a stressful time, I know. Unfortunately, I don't expect to have any answers until May, but we still have a lot of work to get done before then. It's important not to lose sight of our mission to OIT and to the University. Our goals haven't changed in light of the budget problems. In fact, my overall goals of Simplify, Standardize, Automate will become even more important over the next few months.

You may wonder how to work through these difficult times. I like this advice from a fellow ITLP'er, recommending you ask yourself these 6 questions:

  1. Where (big picture) are we going right now? Where should we be going?
  2. Where are YOU (staff member) going? How can YOU add value?
  3. What are you doing well?
  4. Here are my (the leader’s) suggestions for your improvement. What ideas do you have for your improvement?
  5. How can I help?
  6. What suggestions do you have for me as a leader to help you?

Please, be open with your managers. If you have a particular concern or worry, talk to your manager. Or, come find me; I will find time to have a chat with you.