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Current projects

I wanted to recognize some of the improvement projects across OIT, and within OIA. Everyone has put so much time into these, but we are already seeing benefits from these efforts. The following are the charge projects that are currently underway:

Monitoring strategy
Define a strategy and approach to support automated monitoring of all our systems. Our current system uses Nagios.

Job scheduling
Complete an Autosys job scheduling strategy and approach document that documents our future state and defines our short term/tactical changes needed to support current scheduled jobs.

Statistics strategy
Define our statistics and data-gathering services, and better define our partnerships with our customers and units. Our current data-gathering system is Cacti, but we believe we can do much more using SAS.

Database hosting
Develop a roadmap for our database hosting services, and better define our partnerships with our customers and units. This project specifically addresses Oracle, but will serve as a model for future database hosting efforts.

Change control
Develop an agreed upon method for scheduling and transparent application of changes to impact University business minimally; ensure that an agreed upon method and process is in place for change control.

Storage architecture
Provide a clear roadmap for our storage related services and better define our partnerships with our customers and units such as MSI. Review our in-place technical infrastructure and define our long-term strategy with respect to our storage and backup architecture and storage related services. This project has essentially completed, waiting for the wrap-up meeting on July 10.

VMWare strategy
Create a roadmap to support the growing number of virtual servers, by building on our current VMWare platform. This project also sets a goal for OIT to convert more systems (UNIX and Windows) to VMWare. This is almost complete, and the final draft of the report should be ready next week.

Service Center
Investigate and document the current state of our Service Center implementation. Additionally, we are requesting that an application roadmap be created that sets direction for our continued support of the Service Center applications and any and all services that utilize the tool. The Service Center cross-OIT group will review the final draft of the report at next week's meeting, ready for the project wrap-up meeting on July 9.