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We've talked about "One OIT" before, and Steve and Ann made it a topic at the last all-OIT meeting. By now, you may have had a chance to review the "One OIT" set of slides that was distributed via Ann's email.

There's more to the "One OIT" vision than just "who does what". We need to start thinking along the lines of "One OIT". One of you recently gave me some feedback about OIT communication, and I'd like to share:

  • "There is more than one helpdesk in OIT, and it is the end user's responsibility to know which one to contact."
  • "Communications within OIT is a disjointed effort: 1-HELP, FAST, oiasun vs oitdba ... different and confusing naming conventions affect the customers (this will be a big roadblock for the 3/3 OIT approach)."
  • "I'm spending a lot of time by having to track down the person who can help me."

That's from within OIT. Just imagine what the customer must experience! That's why "One OIT" is so important to us.

As we move forward with "One OIT", I urge you to look for ways that we can improve and come together as a single organization. Where you have an opportunity to set up an email list, use "OIT" as the identifier, rather than a departmental name (such as "OIA".) Similarly, avoid referring to your team with a particular brand - for example, the Storage & Backup team stopped using the "UDMS" name a long time ago.

Steve's vision is that we will have reached "One OIT" by the end of this fiscal year - that's July 2010. How can you help us get there?