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Load balancer weekend

Over the weekend, OIT applied a second set of changes to the network load balancer. This is part of an important stabilization project, as the load balancer plays a central role for so many applications, including PeopleSoft. OIT staff from the Networking team and Systems Administrations team have been working together with the vendor (Cisco) to improve the load balancer.

Sunday's changes went very smoothly, due in large part to the extensive planning that we have done over several weeks. I also appreciate that the work team included a backout plan in the workplan, including "snapshots" at several points along the way, so if we experienced problems we could always revert to how things were before making changes.

I'd like to thank Phil Lindberg & Mike Faust (Networking), Tom Kunz & Dack Anderson (Systems Adminstration), Marianna Dobkina (Software Administration), and Patton Fast for their efforts this weekend. And Keith & Gopalan from Cisco.