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What are IT's priorities?

IT evolves very quickly. Think back to the early 1990's, when the primary platform was MS-DOS and the mainframe. In a few short years, the IT landscape changed to include Windows95 and the popularization of the World Wide Web (both 1995). In recent years, we've watched more of general computing move into "The Cloud" - think email, storage, applications, video, etc.

Taking another example, remember what "watching TV" meant 10 years ago, before the DVR was commonplace. Or 5 years ago, before you could follow your favorite shows on Hulu or YouTube.

So it's interesting to consider what the IT world will be thinking about in the next year. We may not be able to predict the future, but we can look at what others in higher ed consider to be their top priorities. This gives IT leadership the "tools" necessary to evaluate new technology, to find ways to "fold" new tech into our operations.

Linda (OIT, working in digital media) shared with me this list of EDUCAUSE IT Leadership topics for the next 1 year. I wanted to show you a few of them, in no particular order:

  • Innovation
  • Risk Management (especially innovation)
  • Engagement/Partnership
  • Knowledge of Higher Education
  • Management Excellence (decision making, budget)
  • Organizational Development (across, no silos)
  • Manage data - analytics.
  • The Cloud

This should be an interesting year.