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Scheduled DR tests

Most large organizations regularly test their disaster recovery preparedness. Much as we did on October 24, by exercising the disaster recovery plan, we build up institutional confidence in our ability to recover from outages, and make it easier to do so if a real event should happen.

The DR team is scheduling regular DR tests throughout 2010. To make these easier to plan, they are reserving the 5th Sunday for any month that has a 5th Sunday. In 2010, there are 4 of them.

The first planned date is Sunday, January 31. Using the regular 6:00-noon maintenance window, OIT plans to simulate an outage for the eResearch systems located at the Church Street facility.

Take this opportunity to start planning for that weekend's activities. Expect to see meetings on your calendar during January as we do a team review of the DR plan.

Looks like we will not be able to conduct a DR test on the 5th Sunday of January as originally planned. However, please consider the option of conducting a DR test on the 1st Sunday of February or March depending on the availability of that change window to us.