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Manager Feedback

Having recently met with each of you for mid-year performance evaluations, this article from the BBC seems apropos: Bosses can change if staff talk.

The article discusses a survey that explored the relationships between line managers and employees, which have been found to be the most commonly reported cause of stress in the workplace. I think I can summarize the findings in these two bullets:

  • Managers who receive feedback from their staff can become more effective managers, including coping with their emotions, empathising with individuals and resolving conflict.
  • Managers who do not receive feedback from staff are less likely to change their behavior.

Reading this article highlights that coaching needs to be a two-way street to have the most impact. I already do some level of coaching with each of you - sometimes as coaching sessions, other times as "coaching buttons". But I also need to hear back from you: how can I improve, what are the areas I should focus on, how can I help you reach your goals.

I'm pleased that, while going through the mid-year performance evaluations, we had very productive conversations. I learned about what you want to achieve, and I will try to find opportunities to help you reach your goals. But it doesn't end there, it's an evolving process. My door is open, always feel free to give me some feedback on how I'm doing.