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How to use PowerPoint

When I first started this blog, I wrote a post titled How not to use PowerPoint. In that case, the presenter either put too much text on a slide, or used distracting "clip art" images. Both are great opportunities to lose your audience's attention.

So it was wonderful for me when I sat in a presentation last week, and the presenter did everything right in her presentation. Her talk used only a few slides. In one case, she had the same slide on the screen for about 10 minutes:


The slides either showed a full image (no text), or a few bullet items. As a result, the audience stayed tuned in to her message, and didn't get distracted with the slides.

The presenter brought lots of energy to the talk. So we shared in her enthusiasm for the topic, and listened closely to what she said. Looking around me, I didn't notice anyone with a laptop open. (When is the last time you could say that at a conference?)

You may one day need to give a presentation for others. Remember the general rules to give a truly outstanding presentation:

1. Avoid distractions.
2. Use slides that are visual, not wordy.
3. Share your enthusiasm.
4. Leave room to talk around the bullet points.


Thanks for the great tips for power point presentations, especially in regard to clip art! I appreciate the pointers. :)