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Relative Importance in IT

Understanding the Relative Importance for different levels in an organization can help you communicate more effectively to those around you. Do you want to pitch a new technology to your manager? You may find that if you emphasize the technical differences, your presentation may not get very far. But if you instead focus on, say, the cost savings, you may make a greater impact.

I am interested in writing an article about the Relative Importance of various skills, at different levels in an IT organization. You can help me by responding to this simple survey. It should take 15 minutes or less of your time:

Please feel free to share this survey with others! I would like to hear from as many people as possible. Share it on Facebook, tweet it on Twitter, post it on your blog, email the URL.

The form is very easy. Just enter a number between 0-100 for the Relative Importance of each category: Technical, Strategic, Interpersonal, Finance. How important is each to your job? Think about the things that you do most often, the types of tasks that you tend to work on every day. Consider how important each area is to what you do. Some areas may be more important to you than others, or get more "exercise" in your day to day routine.

So I can get a baseline on Relative Importance, please make sure the total scores for all categories add up to 100. For example: 10, 25, 30, 35 = 100.

You may recognize this as similar to the Korn-Ferry study, but I am focusing on different skills than what they reported on.

I'll publish my results in a month or so. Look for a followup item here on my blog.