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The next generation

In my last two weeks at OIT, I went out for a lot of lunches (and happy hour) with many of you. It was great to get together again for each sendoff and get caught up with everyone.

At one lunch in particular - a small group of us, who all started on the Webteam - I was pleased to realize I had hired many of them. I say "pleased" because, as a leader, it's a very good thing to see the people I've helped bring into OIT move up to bigger and better responsibilities. In the case of the Webteam lunch, I hired one person as a "build coordinator" (sort of what SWA does for migrating projects from Dev to Test, Test to Prod.) That person has since become a developer. Quite the career change, but one that better suited this person's interests and career goals.

Part of good leadership is providing mentoring and coaching to our staff. In working with the Operations and Infrastructure staff, I took advantage of opportunities for coaching, sometimes via coaching buttons. (It also works the other way, from staff to manager.)

I never expect, when I hire an individual into an organization, that the person will remain there for the rest of their career. If I provide good mentoring, and if that person has an interest to grow their skills and career, then it shouldn't be a surprise when they eventually leave the position to do something else. Ideally, they will stay within OIT, or at least the University. But as a leader, I'm happy to have supported them in their career, to prepare the next generation of leaders.

Wrapping that back to my earlier statement, it's been great to look across OIT and realize I helped so many of you step up to the next level. Whether you've moved into a leadership position or simply built up your current position, hope that you, too, will help prepare the next generation.