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10 levels of intimacy in today's communication

The digital age has transformed the ways in which we communicate with each other. The combination of technology and power of information brings new ways on how, with whom and why we communicate. We are connected with more people than ever before. Do more options to communicate with each other connect us or alienate us more?

Ji Lee posted a great infographic about this. The 10 levels of intimacy in today's communication concisely shows these different ways we communicate with each other, and ranks them:

  1. Talking (best)
  2. Video chat
  3. Phone
  4. Letter
  5. Instant message
  6. Text message
  7. Email
  8. Facebook message
  9. Facebook status
  10. Twitter

It should come as no surprise that meeting someone in person and talking with them is the most powerful communication method.

Think about your preferred method to communicate. How do you communicate with your teams? With others on campus? Are you making the best of your communication style?