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Leading a small group discussion

It's April 1 - traditionally, "April Fools Day." Web sites today are full of silly posts and nonsense. Along those lines, I thought I'd post this:

You can find leadership lessons in many unexpected places. I recently re-watched Pulp Fiction. There's a scene at the beginning where Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta lead a kind of small group "discussion" over breakfast.

pulp-fiction-breakfast-scene.jpgI took away a few quick points on working effectively in a small group:

  1. Spend a few moments before entering the room to consider the discussion topics, and get into "character" for the meeting.
  2. Position yourself to hear everything clearly. If you continue to interrupt by asking "What?", you will derail the conversation and annoy the speaker.
  3. If you interrupt and break the other person's concentration, apologize. Then move on.
  4. Use emotional intelligence to keep the discussion calm, or you'll find the meeting getting out of hand and people losing temper.
  5. Never stop a discussion to quote Bible verses. It is considered rude.