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Creating a culture of accountability

I am a big proponent of delegation. I've talked about delegation on this blog before, but not the second half of delegation: Accountability.

Accountability happens whenever you ask someone to take on a task. When you delegate an assignment to someone else, you need to hold that person accountable to deliver the results. That means agreeing to a completion date, and setting expectations for what will be delivered.

In the Emerald City book, Roger Connors and Tom Smith outline how to create a culture of accountability. Their methodology, which can be used for any culture change, consists of the following steps:

  1. Define clear results within your organization

  2. Define the actions required to achieve the results

  3. Identify the beliefs that produce these actions

  4. Create experiences that instill the right beliefs

The book gives a lot more details, checklists, and tools to lead a group through these steps.

In Dan McCarthy's blog post on How to create a culture of accountability and hold people accountable, he makes these notes of a "SIMPLE" six step method, from the training and consulting company Communico:

S = Set Expectations

I = Invite Commitment

M = Measure Progress

P = Provide Feedback

L = Link to Consequences

E = Evaluate Effectiveness