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All systems normal

The OIT planned maintenance went according to schedule this weekend. I'd like to complement everyone in OIT who participated in this work, as they hit every milestone on target, on time. Having worked through several of these maintenance windows before, I know how hard everyone worked on this.

The SystemStatus page was updated with the latest news, so those who wanted to track the progress (like me!) could do so. As of noon today, all systems were back up, exactly as planned. This was terrific work!

I'd also like to thank OIT for being so responsive to us in planning the outage. Patton Fast and Jac Campbell worked very closely with Computing Services on this, as did the OIT Linux and VMWare teams. UMM has several systems hosted at the Twin Cities, including our www.morris.umn.edu web server, and the database server that supports it. OIT made special arrangements to keep these systems running throughout the weekend - which was critical to us, especially considering this was our Homecoming weekend.

Thanks for making this a successful weekend!