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How technology has changed

Technology changes at a rapid pace. Not too long ago, we all stored our data on floppy disks. How many of us still have unused 3.5" floppies in our desk drawers or file cabinets? These floppies stored 1.44MB of files. At the time, that was a lot of WordPerfect or Lotus1-2-3 files.

To put that in today's terms: it would take about 3 of these floppy disks to store 1 song from iTunes.

But technology moved on. Many of our students have never seen a floppy disk. Instead, they likely use USB flash drives to transport their data. I have a 16GB USB flash drive in my laptop bag, yet I rarely use it. Today, even a 16GB drive is almost obsolete, when you can put all your files "in the Cloud" and access them anywhere. What will be our storage options in another 5 years? Or 10 years? Where will we keep our data?

That's why we always need to look forward to what's next, to think about how to adapt new technology for the campus. We recently started an IT Working Group to do just that, and I am excited to see how we interpret the changing landscape ahead.

I'll leave you with one other example of how technology has changed:

Picture of audio cassette and pencil

If you are of a certain age, you know why a cassette tape and a pencil go together. But I'll bet many of today's students have never seen a cassette tape, much less know why you sometimes need a pencil. How long until future students no longer recognize the wood pencil in the picture?