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Reducing stress

I'm always on the lookout for leadership advice to share on this blog, so I was pleased to discover this page on Clare's personal web site: reducing stress.

Aside from being good advice on stress reduction, this is also good practice for any upcoming leader who wants to develop good leadership skills. Clare's 5 points are:

  1. If possible, don't take on any new projects that will demand a lot of your time or come due during the time of another large project.

  2. Take care of as much routine work in advance of the stressful time as possible.

  3. Ask yourself: Can someone else do it? Can something be delayed? Can I substitute something else? Is it essential?

  4. Find a time-planning system that helps you.

  5. Concentrate on the most important tasks first.

These tips discuss time management, urgent vs important, lead-manage-do, and delegation - and are essential for successful leadership. In reference to #5, I've often recommended that email is the least important priority. You need to respond to email, but not always right away, do not let it distract you from leadership.