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The changing technology landscape

In 2008, the University of Minnesota Morris concluded a report to guide future campus IT planning. As we start a new IT Working Group, I thought it would be interesting to take a look back at a snapshot of the 2008 Technology Report. The full report is 29 pages, but a summary is listed below:

The following themes emerged from the report:

  1. Instructional technology management
  2. Autonomy versus centralization
  3. Professional training and training
  4. Funding for technology, technology support personnel and professional development for the campus community
  5. Security
  6. Policies and governance
  7. Technology and the curriculum
  8. Services
  9. Technology for external audiences

The report also identified issues of technology utilization at UMM:

Section One: Current realities and considerations

  • Peer comparisons
  • Tension between local autonomy and centralized technology management

Section Two: Teaching and Research Support

  • Classrooms
  • Faculty office workstations and equipment
  • New Faculty set-up
  • Faculty research support
  • Faculty Center for Learning and Teaching
  • Discipline specific and general computer labs

Section Three : Instructional Software, Hardware and Equipment

  • Adaptive technology
  • Learning Management software

Section Four : Student support needs

  • Res-Net
  • Open Computer labs
  • Central data storage / Net Files
  • Student Affairs
  • Comments from the student perspective

Section Five: Administrative Technology Needs

Section Six: Technology Intensive Units / Technology Providing Units

  • Computing Services
  • Media Services
  • Library

Section Seven: Technology Policies and Procedures

Section Eight: Funding Concerns

Section Nine: Infrastructure and relationship with Campus Master Plan

  • Networks
  • Environmental support for infrastructure
  • Wireless
  • Security safeguards
  • Telecommunications and Telephony
  • Campus wide voice mail system