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Hillside florist sells more than flowers

DCN Reporter

A unique Hillside shop, packed with silk plants, baskets, gift cards, pottery and candles, has been home to many sales over the years. But Dunbar Floral and Gifts has also been home to something special that one cannot put a price on— family.

Sheri Dunbar, 50, the owner of Dunbar Floral and Gifts, opened up the small shop 15 years ago with the support of her family. Dunbar is a former graduate of the College of St. Scholastica and has been involved with floral care since she was 14 years old.

“I love flowers,? said Dunbar, a stood next to her sister-in-law cutting ribbons into unique bow-like decorations. “Nobody loves flowers more than a florist.?

Dunbar is not the only one in her family who is involved with this Hillside shop. While cutting flower stems, Dunbar touched on how her father and brother helped construct the shop years ago and how her mother also works there on a daily basis, as well as a long list of other family members.

This close family connection has given the shop a very cozy feeling, much like a friendly community in itself, which they use when welcoming every customer with care.

“We work until we get it right for them,? said Dunbar, while she wrapped a bouquet of red roses in a decorative giftwrap next to her mother, who was sweeping up stems.

Sandy Himmelspach, 48, is Dunbar’s sister-in-law and loves the shop, which she got involved in when Dunbar got her hooked roughly 10 years ago.

“It’s great to create new and unique pieces for customers,? said Himmelspach, as she sprayed on a shine to a fresh bouquet of roses. “The creativity is very fun.?

This floral shop even provides a delivery service to bring flowers and gifts all around town. However, this shop brings more than just flowers and gifts, but joy and smiles to the many in the area.

Jacqui Himmelspach, 18, is Dunbar’s niece and also enjoys the shop that she been helping out at since she was a toddler. Nowadays, even as a busy student at the College of St. Scholastica, Jacqui manages to find time to work during the week, delivering flowers and gifts to the community.

“We take the time to see what every customer wants and needs,? said Jacqui, with a smile. “The reaction of the people is great.?

Though this small Hillside floral shop sells a variety items, what the Dunbar Floral and Gift shop really offers is their family and that’s what truly matters.

“When it’s your bread and butter, you take extra care in what you do,? said Dunbar, as she laughed with Sandy and went to go work on her Christmas season gifts. “No one has your interest at your heart more than your family.?