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Duluth mayoral election

Whether Charlie Bell or Don Ness will turn out to be the mayor in the city of Duluth is not known yet, but UMD students certainly acknowledge the coming of the mayoral election and have different opinions about it.

A number of students' blog entries address the same assumption about what action--or rather no action--the majority of UMD students would take in this local election: They do not plan to vote because Duluth is not their permanent home. Cindi’s blog and Kathleen Grigg’s not only confirm that the belief is true but also raise an important question and direct us to consider certain relevant political issues. Have the candidates done enough to motivate UMD students to vote? Unlike Cindi who sees students’ lack of political involvement as a challenge for the politicians, Grigg sees it as a chance to question the meaning of voting in our democratic society. Ali’s blog, however, reports that the assumption is merely a myth. UMD actually has a long history of getting students involved in politics. Also, there are some student political organizations that help students become an informed political participant.

If students decide not to vote or don't want to get involved with any political elections simply because they do not feel Duluth as their home, the way they think may not necessarily reveal their long-term, unchanged attitude toward politics. After all, it takes a lot of time for one to learn or understand what it means by being a responsible voter. If some UMD students are asked to read Hanson’s blog, they probably cannot decide whether they should embrace or reject the author’s political standpoint, but it does not mean that they can never do so after they graduate from UMD and continue to live in their home town.