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They have the potential, but will they use it?

College students have the potential to choose Duluth’s next mayor.

There are three mid-sized colleges in Duluth adding up to roughly 30,000 potential student votes. Who are these people going to vote for?

Lisa Kunkel
, a UMD student and blogger believes that UMD students will not be a deciding factor during this fall’s election for two reasons. The first reason is that the students just don’t care about Duluth’s Mayor because they feel it has no effect on their lives. Her second reason is that a large percentage of the students feel uninformed on the issues.

Another UMD blogger, Kathleen Grigg, offers a different reason why she and other students may not be getting active in Duluth’s politics. She’s feels no connection to the city. She hails for Rapid City, S.D., lives in Superior WI., and goes to school in Duluth. She’s confused on where it would be appropriate for her to vote.

Contrary to the blogs mentioned above, Ali Draves, another UMD blogger states that UMD has 3,685 registered voters. She feels that UMD is a magnet for young activists, eager to play a role in their new city’s politics.

Whether or not college students vote, one thing is clear: come Election Day neither mayoral candidate will turn down a student vote. And should all college students in Duluth vote, it will be a major factor in deciding our next mayor.