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Duluth's European Bakery going on 93 years of business

DCN Reporter

Cities and towns can grow and change fast. With the rapid change a city can go through, it may seem like nothing remains the same. In Duluth, however, the European Bakery on First Ave. W. and First St. is an exception.

“We just celebrated 90 years a couple years ago, so it’ll be 93 in 2008,? said Jackie Peterson, an employee at the bakery.

Harry Glazman, a Russian-Jewish immigrant, opened the bakery in 1915. It was passed down to his sons, Aaron “Babe? and James, and then passed to Aaron’s sons, Neil and Charlie. Charlie has since quit the business, so Neil runs the store now.

The bakery’s foods still reflect the culture Harry came from. The store has a number of Kosher foods such as: salt; Borscht, a type of vegetable soup; potica, a pastry roll; and halvah, a confection. The bakery is most famous, however, for its bread, especially the challa, Jewish braided bread.

An article on the bakery, extolling its breads, is mounted on the wall next to the cash register.

“People used to be lined up outside the store,? said Peterson.

Though people don’t line up anymore, there’s still something different about the bakery that makes it original. Cookie jars line shelves behind the pastries and on top of the coolers, and the original bread mixer used by Harry is displayed in the store’s display window.

ABOVE: Challa, Jewish braided bread, is one of the things for which the European Bakery is known. Click on the image to enlarge. (Photo by Claire Chock / DCN)

ABOVE: Cookie jars line the shelves above the pastry cases. Click on the image to enlarge. (Photo by Claire Chock / DCN)

ABOVE: The bakery sells more than just their pastries. Along with Borscht and salt, this Matzo ball and soup mix is available. Click on the image to enlarge. (Photo by Claire Chock / DCN)