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Involvement in community admirable

DCN Correspondent

As I looked into the past of Locke M. Perkins, (Oct. 11, 1910- Jan. 18, 1961) I found out that he was a citizen of Duluth who was avidly involved in civic and professional groups in the community.

Perkins attended Dartmouth in his earlier college years before transferring to the University of Minnesota where he received his law degree.

After working as a lawyer in Minneapolis for six years he decided to enlist in the Navy. He spent 26 months overseas.

When he returned home, he moved to Duluth to work again as a lawyer, and had three sons who were all born in Duluth.

Perkins became a huge part of the Duluth community, which included a role as president of the Eleventh Judicial District Bar Association, membership in the Minnesota Bar Association as well as the American Bar Association.

He was also a member of the Ionic Lodge, AF&AM, Valley of Duluth Scottish Rite bodies, Duluth Commandery 18, York Rite Body, the Jesters, Northland Country Club, Duluth Chamber of Commerce and the Duluth Athletic Club.

On Jan. 18, 1961, Mr. Perkins had a heart attack in his home, and died shortly after in St. Luke’s Hospital. The search for Perkins' past didn’t turn out to be a tough one since his role in the Duluth community was so huge.

This biographical sketch was written for the Research for Reporters class at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Each student in the class went to a cemetery in Duluth, got a name from a grave marker, and then used a variety of primary and secondary sources to find out as much as possible about the person.