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Remembering Archie Horton Sr

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DCN Correspondent

Archie Horton Sr., a long time boxing instructor, spent his life dedicated to the value of helping others. He spent years as West Duluth's Valley Youth Center (VYC) boxing coach. This commitment to generosity helped Horton transform the VYC from a having a reputation for drug use and delinquency to being the center of a community.

DCN correspondant Jordan Hanson spoke to Angelo Simone and Ina Karkiainen. Simone is the Valley Youth Center's program director and had worked with Horton for many years. Karkiainen is Horton's youngest daughter. The two of them provide a glimpse into the life of the man who saved a youth center.

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Horton passed away in 1996, leaving behind him years of impacted youth and a book of poems. Late in life, he began to explore poetry as a means of expressing his feelings toward the people and things that he loves. A book of poems provided to Duluth Community News by Horton's daughter Ina to provide a window into the heart of her father. Below are a few samples of Horton's poems.