December 3, 2007

Hillside residents tired of reputation for crime

DCN Reporter

In recent years, the majority of crimes reported in the city of Duluth have been rumored to occur in the Central Hillside.

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Hillside parking rules important as snow flies

DCN Reporter

For many residents of the Central Hillside, on-street parking can be a daily battle for space. A majority of streets in the Central Hillside implement an “alternate side� parking policy, which requires people to park on opposite sides of the street every other week.

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Portland Park playground gets new equipment

DCN Reporter

For St. Louis County and Duluth officials, perhaps the most worthwhile expenditures come from an empty playground that appears frozen in time as snowflakes slowly trickle down the equipment.

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December 1, 2007

Mayor Ness acknowledges Duluth's job problem, but change will take time

DCN Reporter

Duluth has been in a job slump for around 20 years now, new Mayor Don Ness said in a personal interview. The city has a 5.4 percent unemployment rate, according to September statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor, the effect of which has definitely been felt in the city and Central Hillside itself.

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November 17, 2007

Smoking ban in Duluth bars is a hot topic

DCN Reporter

On October 1st, the city-wide smoking ban came into effect banning smoking from all Duluth bars.

As a result, Bernard Holland, manager of the Kozy Bar, has seen a drop in business.

“It’s [business] dropped a lot because it’s cold outside,� said Holland. “Right now we’re a little less than even.�

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Hillside residents find unlikely neighbors in raccoons

DCN Reporter

A raccoon lives on 10th Avenue E. and Eighth St.

Well, actually, it might be more like three raccoons.

“I think three of them live on the one block,� said Colleen O’Hagan, who lives on 10th Avenue. “One of them is a big one.�

While the three don’t cause too many problems for residents, O’Hagan said they occasionally notice the aftermath of a late night snack made by the trio.

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New Italian restaurant, Vicini Lago, to open in Duluth within the new year

DCN Reporter

Carol Valentini is getting ready to put her family’s Italian cooking recipes to the test in Duluth. Her new restaurant is being built on London Road. Valentini’s Vicino Lago will be one of the newest dining establishments in Duluth, and will bring a little “home cookin'� to town.

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Hillside stores happy to see Uncle Loui's Cafe reopen

DCN Reporter

On April 19, 2007 tragedy struck Uncle Loui’s Café on 4th Street, propelling it out of business for the following seven months. This event has not only affected the café’s customers, but the numerous surrounding businesses as well.

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Uncle Loui's Cafe welcomed back into the neighborhood

DCN Reporter

In the last six years, five Hillside teachers hadn’t missed a Thursday morning at Uncle Loui’s Café.

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Women working: Local construction company run by women

DCN Reporter

The construction crew finishes the house. This isn’t the first house they have built. This isn’t your average construction crew either. It is made up of all women.

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November 16, 2007

Cancer survivor went against advice for chemotherapy treatment

DCN Reporter

After being diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer, Emily Montgomery opted for an alternative healing regimen of juicing, a method which extracts restorative nutrients and live enzymes from raw organic fruits and vegetables, in replace of traditional chemotherapy. After six years, Montgomery is cancer free.

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Housing fund is shut down in Duluth

DCN Reporter

On a cold day, one of the first snowfalls of the year, a woman is standing in the lobby of a homeless shelter in Duluth. She is comparing winter hats, until she sees one with a big, poofy ball on top and her face lights up in a smile, something that is a little rare in a place where everyone is worried about the same thing; Wednesday’s front page news.

The Duluth News Tribune’s bold headline Wednesday morning announced that the city council has decided to cut off funding to the low income housing projects that were aimed at decreasing the number of homeless in Duluth. Currently 16 percent of Duluth is homeless. That number is high compared to the statewide average which is eight percent.

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Crime is on the rise in Duluth

DCN Reporter

When people think of Duluth, the first thing that typically comes to mind is that it’s a gorgeous city that borders Lake Superior. It’s quiet, it’s relaxing and it’s cold. Words like crime-ridden or dangerous don’t rest on the tips of our tongues.

However, when walking the streets of downtown Duluth, commonly known as the Central Hillside, signs of crime and poverty are almost unavoidable.

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Holidays are a busy time for floral creativity

DCN Reporter

Angela’s Bella Flora encourages people to tap into their creative sides.

The flower shop hosts several seminars each month dedicated to the education of floral design. Angela Stocke, the owner and creative leader of Angela’s Bella Flora, teaches the events.

“It’s kind of like artwork,� she said.

The classes are often booked a month in advance. This week’s workshop was “Thanks for Thanksgiving� to excite people about the upcoming season.

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A "tents" situation resolved with donation

DCN Reporter

A recent walk for breast cancer research in the Twin Cities is now helping the Girl Scouts of northern Minnesota.

The tents, which were used during the “Breast Cancer 3-Day� walk, helped the Susan G. Komen Foundation raise millions of dollars for breast cancer research. Now they could potentially raise up to $42,000 to help the scouts build a much needed storm shelter at Camp Roundelay.

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Tradition is a way of life at Uncle Loui's café

DCN Reporter

DULUTH, Minn. — It's early in the morning and the sun has just risen. Though quiet around town, the folks at Uncle Loui's café have already put on their hot pot of coffee, began frying their golden hash browns and flipped some of their famous pancakes.

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Peak in business for hunters' paradise

DCN Reporter

On Nov.3, thousands of avid Minnesota hunters set out with their firearms and the mindset to catch themselves a trophy deer, while Jim Hagstrom prepared himself for a rush of business--taxidermy.

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Crime in downtown doesn't scare business owners

DCN Reporter

It may be rough, but the area still has a lot of character.

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Abandoned building is a fire hazard in the Hillside

DCN Reporter

Near the corner of Fifth Street and Fifth Avenue, an old green house stands defiantly in the face of time, abandonment and condemnation.

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Homes on 8th street in need of repair

DCN Reporter

It’s just before 11 a.m. in the Central Hillside. The sun is barely visible, the wind is blowing briskly and a light snow has begun to fall. The only sounds in the air are the tires scraping moist pavement, a snow hitting the ground and Chuck Dennis’ hammer.

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Silent auction raises money for local preschool

DCN Reporter

The Duluth Preschool of Fine Arts held their first Vendor Blender fundraiser Tuesday evening at Trinity Lutheran Church. About 20 vendors with home-based businesses donated products ranging from children’s books and cosmetics to Acai berry juice blends and spiritual healing sessions to a silent auction, the proceeds of which will benefit the preschool.

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