Blog #1 Telling True Stories and The New Kings by Molly

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I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed Telling True Stories right off the bat. The first excerpt from Banaszynski recalling her experience in a Sudan famine camp was gripping to me. I enjoyed how she pointed out that despite this groups' struggle to survive, singing every night was a nightly occurrence and was this group's way of storytelling. On page 4 she explains, "Even in the face of death these stories live on, passed from elder to younger, from generation to generation, carried with as much care as those precious jugs of water." This quote reminded me that so many of us forget to be gracious for every little thing daily, no matter how small it may seem initially. The other quote that stuck with me within this story mentioned that stories are the connective tissue of the human race. This resonated with me because I completely agree. Stories live on and on, and shape the way each person lives their own lives.

To be honest Glass's The New Kings of Nonfiction did not connect with me the same way Telling True Stories did. The question I kept asking myself was, "what is the relevance of this paragraph?" I think I am going to need to spend a significant amount of time working to understand and appreciate this book.

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