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Inspiring. The passion that these writers have for their work is surpassed only by their love for quality work done by others. Ira Glass was especially exuberant and open when he said things like "this just kills me every time," referring to specific passages of others' work that have stuck in his memory.

I, myself, was inspired by his views on traditional 5-W's journalistic style. He said "There's a whole class of reporters - especially those who went to journalism school, by the way - who have a strange kind of religious conviction about (writing dry, formal stories). They actually get indignant; it's an affront to them when a reporter tries to amuse himself and his audience."

The "Invitation to Narrative" was a challenge to myself, because it explicitly showed how much these writers invest into each story. They go to foreign countries and live with their stories for upwards of a year. They are dedicated and fully invested in the story.



Agreed, passionate writing makes for a great story usually every time. Each story does take alot of investment and like we talked about today alot of time. It is imperative to invite narrative because a reporter must write not only to amuse the audience and his superiors but also to provide the facts, may not always in the 5 w's. however to a certain extent.

Also I would really like to write about UMD registration system, it has me in quite the foul mood about now. however personal interest may have to be thrown out the window when reading my piece.

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