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I was really interested in the way that Jacqui Banaszynski talked about storytelling and the way that it was used by the people effected by the Ethiopian famine. On page 5 Banaszynski says that the human language is only different from the animal language in the way that we have stories. "Events pass, people live and die, life changes. But stories endure" (4) was one of the more impacting lines in this particular story for me. The way that cultures use stories is just really fascinating and most people don't ever think twice about how valuable a simple story can be.
I liked when Glass mentioned writers like Michael Pollan and Mark Bowden and how great writers are all entertainers in terms of the way they tell their stories. On page 9 Glass gives an example of using voice in a story with Susan Orlean's "The American Man, Age Ten". I think in storytelling sometimes it can be hard to express how the person in the story was feeling.

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