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"Stories are the connective tissue of the human race". This quote from Telling True Stories made me think a lot about journalism and how important it is in our society. Banasynski goes on to say that stories are our prayers, parables, history, music, and soul. This made me think about how much story telling means to our culture. It is in essence what connects us to the rest of the world. There are certain parts of the world that I will never see. The only thing I know about them is what I have been told. It is kind of a scary thing to think about. Since stories shape our vision of certain aspects of the world, how are these visions changing as journalism changes? As journalism advances are we able to see and know even more based off the story telling of others? How can print journalists convey meaning and feeling at the same level as a photo journalist? An example of connecting people through print story telling would be the story Among the Thugs. The reader has no connection to the people or situations in the story without the writer telling them. I think that's what makes journalism and story telling so fun. If done right the writer can really make and impact on the audience. I guess the question now is, how do we do that kind of writing? How do we make people feel something?

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