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I thought that Bill Buford's, "Among the Thugs," was a really interesting reading. Right off the bat it drew me in. The way he used details, like when he described Clayton stepping off the plane and having troubles with his trousers, makes you feel like you are truly part of the scene or are one of the crowd members watching as they step off the plane. He really tells a story and makes you want to follow it the whole time. I like how he talks about the fans in the beginning and how he ties it in and ends talking about the fans to.

I wonder what it would be like to actually be around a team like that and be in the moment with them. When the team knows that there is someone around them does it effect the way the act or portray themselves? I felt like this team acted how they usually would and I thought it was really cool how Buford described in detail the crazy people they are and the crazy things that go along with the team and the passion for football that the fans have.


That's a good point you made that his presence might actually alter the scene he's trying to observe. I hadn't really thought about it that way. I liked the detail describing the people, too. I did think about how hard it would be to write something that offensive about someone I knew, someone who might read it. I might have been a little easier on the guys... then again, it might not have been as captivating to read.

I really liked the description Buford used too. The trouser scene you mentioned above stood out to me as well. The other descriptive seen that made me feel like I was there was the one in which he describes the boy that is being beaten. It was very vivid and I felt like I was there. Buford stated that he was close enough to help the boy, but the thought to help the boy didn't occur to him. It seems as though the men were not changing their behavior in the presence of Buford. But, I wonder if Buford didn't help the boy because he didn't want to alter the situation.

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