Relationship and Love story update

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I have interviewed Cameron and Pearl Kaspari, as well as Matt Memmen and Maria Tinebra. I have read one book pertaining to love.

I plan on interviewing Dr. Chongwon Park about his definition of "Love". I also will be doing a follow up with Cameron and Pearl, watching them interact in their own lives.

I believe this story can affect anyone who wants to know how to make it in a relationship in this world.

I plan to center my piece around the Kasparis and also tie in some research and other information about love.

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You and I have talked about this story, but this update is a bit thin so it's hard to give you much feedback. You have a preconceived notion of this story. I guess my advice is to be open to surprises and letting the story go where it wants to go. Maybe it fits your preconceived notion of love, but maybe it doesn't. Maybe one of these couples takes this story in a completely different direction.

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