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I really liked this part of the book. There were a couple things that stuck out for me during the reading. One was in Beginning in Narrative by Walt Harrington. Harrington says that, "as journalists, we are also the 'rememberers' for our tribe," (228). For some reason I really liked this, because it reminded me that we tell the stories. How we narrate and represent the story is how it is going to be remembered for along time. We have the ability to share the important and not so important stories with everyone. Another part that I really like is Lane Degregory's tips on ways to find great story ideas. We talked about these tips today in my Reporting and Writing II class and they just really stood out for me even more after reading them. I am struggling with trying to dig up and find something to write about for my reporting and writing class and these tips are very helpful. A couple of them that I liked were talk to strangers, play hooky and give everyone your phone number. I don't know if I would be able to actually do all those, but I want to try doing at least one to see where that gets me in finding something to write about for my next story. If you give your number to someone, will they actually call you with a story about them or something they know of? I don't know, but I guess it couldn't hurt to try.

I have felt kind of out of my element during these journalism classes, because they push you to REALLY step out of your box. This part of the book helped you see through some of your obstacles.

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