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I really like the reading for today. I thought it made some good points about the importance of remembering our history and the importance of sharing the stories. And all the stories, not just the seemingly popular ones. How 'cool' did I feel when Sandlin would drop some important names of a particular incident in WWII and right away I was like "oh yeah I know what they're talking about" and then two seconds later another name or title or name would be said and I would have no clue what was being talked about. It shows how important it is to have people that are able to tell stories and keep the memories of many people alive and also the importance of narrative writing and the telling of a story.

That said, I don't know how i feel about the sources throughout the story. I would have liked to have an actual conversation retelling stories about the war or saying what they remember of the war (whether from class or from life). The stories obviously had to come from some sort of conversation, be it personal, phone, or email. If this entire story is based on phone and email sourcing, that is another aspect that needs to be addressed.

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