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I am not really sure how I feel about the reading, The Hostess Diaries: My Year at a Hot Spot, by Coco Henson Scales. Half of me really enjoyed it and then the other half asked myself what was the point. I really liked the description that Scales used in this story. It made me have an exact picture of what this club/restaurant must me like. She described every little detail and that made it so interesting. The detail made me drawn in to the story and it made me want to continue reading to the end. It also helped that it was a shorter read. This story was a good example of what narrative and detail add to a story. After reading this I realized that I need to add more detail to my project so it can provide entertainment for the readers and draw them in more.

One reason that I didn't know if I really like this reading all that much is because I didn't really understand the whole point of it. After I was done reading it I thought to myself that was entertaining, but what was the whole point of that? Was it that she got to experience that stuff and then she realized she want to move on to a new career? I just thought it was kind of a random story, but overall it was entertaining and it kept me focused throughout the whole reading.

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Well I agree there wasn't much of a point to the story but you still enjoyed it. We have asked ourselves after a lot of the readings, whats the point? well maybe we should just pick out what Julin stresses all the time...
"someone doing something for a reason" It is entertaining and it proves Abel's theory that you can write a story about anything... about clocks even!

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