Balancing Acts

I liked Isabel Wilkerson's section with in the ETHICS section. I think she brought up some significant points that we have thrown back and forth already in our class. The first that stuck out to me was when she talked about 'changing' story and what is appropriate for the journalists to do. She talked about taking the boys out to eat at McD's and whether or not that put a change into the story by her doing that. After the fact however she made a good point that we will be encountering when writing our stories; no matter WHAT our simple presence as journalists will cause some sort of change within the subjects we are writing about. In order to alleviate this in someway I believe you have to spend much more time with your subject in order to get rid of the stereotypical journalists like Wilkerson talks about:"show up, mine them for information, write down whatever t hey say in a notebook, and leave fifteen minutes later". I think in this particular story, if I were the author it would be hard for me to not allow personal feelings to interfere w ith my writing. When the 'ritual' at the end of her story is talked about; how hard would it be not to want to take this entire family out of that kind of situation? I think it will be challenging with some of our class stories to separate personal inputs and opinions and have a healthy balance with our reporting necessity in order to convey an ethical, authentic account of our subjects stories.

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