Balding Mans Hair

I found Anne Hull's section, Revisiting - Over and Over Again to be the most informative section in this Editing section of the book. I found what she said about reporting to be very true, that if you haven't done enough reporting, your story will seem like a bad comb-over. I thought that was an amusing way to look at reporting and fitting all of your sources into a story. Right now with my piece I'm trying to figure out how to piece together all of my sources and realize that I definitely need to do more reporting. I don't want my story to seem like a balding man's head.

I loved the detail Mark Bowden used within the Tales of the Tyrant piece. The way he describes how each new character looks really builds them as a person and puts the reader in the story. He uses this description to hint at their personality too, which I found interesting because it's showing the reader, not telling.

A question I have refers to the Telling True Stories book. When trying to find the right angle for your story and you aren't sure what sources are considered good or bad, where do you draw creativity from in order to have a successful story?

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