Barb Bush gets down.


Scales story was a fun read, rather different then most of the pieces we have read in this book, the story is a fun, inside look at working in a night club. The tone was very informal and its clear that she is a great writer, as the story had tremendous flow. I really liked how she ended the second "paragraph" talking just a little bit about herself and how she spends all her money on her appearance for her job. Then when Naomi Cambell comes in, and she is clearly very fond of her, Her manager tells her that the outfit that she was so fond of was the same one she was wearing last time she came in. That to me was very clever and showed her voice and personality to us, which in turn helped me understand her numerous encounters with these celebrities. I can see what everyone is saying about "the bigger idea", my take, doesn't matter for something like this. Its more like a mini-notebook of a years stuff put into a story you would tell your friends. Which makes it entertaining, there is not supposed to be any hard fact or idea, its just a good read. She is just saying to us, here is a little bit of who I am (semi-bitchy, SEXY), what I did, (Nightclub job dealing with famous people), and what it was like, (crazy, fun, hectic). It makes for a good short piece of nonfiction writing. IMO. She gives you a very sharp, clear look at what is was like working in this crazy position for a year, that was her big idea, and that's fine, because its well written and narrated, and quite humorous.


I think you are right. Scales did a good job of putting her voice into this story and maintaining it throughout the entire thing.

First of all, I love the title of your post. I like the way that you basically just lay out the things she was trying to say in the story and that it doesn't have to have any hard facts for it to be a good story. I don't think this story was written to have a "bigger picture" either and I like what you said about this just being something you'd tell to your friends.

I also like the way her voice is used in the piece. It is apparent but not distracting.

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