Be a persistent freelancer, get your career ball rolling

What it the best way to prove that a story is worth anyone's time? What is the best way to prove that your writing is worth one or two dollars per word? Are you interested in writing about Tiddly Winks to earn a few extra dollars?

Stewart O'Nan's time management advice works for any career. I liked Joseph Conrad's quote about a successful writing career is, "starting and not stopping." His tips on writing are common sense advice, yet I know that I'll become a better writer when I use these. What about giving us student journalists some advice on writing a few Letters to the Editor? You don't get paid for your writing, but you do get published.

Susan Orlean's "A Passion for Writing" simply means that we writers need drive, need passion to research, write, edit, and sell our manuscripts.

Why did you want to be a writer? Because I love the art of writing. I love the sense of achieving a goal by creating thoughts in my mind and translating my thoughts onto a screen as words to be read by my readers.

Do you love language? Yes, I love it when a difficult sentence comes together, much like a lion tamer feels when one of her cats learns a new trick.

Are you deeply curious? I remember walking past Duluth's Endion Depot and wondering what was the story behind the structure.

Are you a bit of a control freak? Yes, as I tell my readers what I think they will find interesting and in the order that will make my manuscript an entertaining read.

Do you find the world and the people in it a marvel? Yes, I do. What is it about the Twin Ports that makes some people want to live here? What is it about the Twin Ports that makes some people want to move away as quickly as possible? In short, start by looking at the world around you with a childlike sense of wonder and then start searching for a question that needs an answer. As Orlean last sentence describes, "It's about being in love with something - and love is never silly."

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