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So I thought this peice was an interesting read but it didn't really answer the question, why do I care? I know throughout the semester, after almost every reading, we have asked that question... what was the point of reading it? But I think that sometimes it doesn't have to be that complicated. As Julin stated last Thursday, its a person doing something for a reason. I think it's funny to talk about Chelsey Clinton because, she is almost famous... thank goodness for Bill and Hillary... ha!!

I do like how good the writing it is. I think it had some great humor without humiliating the subjects. I wonder if my story has enough humor or too much and I want to make sure that I'm not making a joke of my source. I also am having some thoughts about if I should be in the story or not. Is it possible to put myself into the story at the beginning but then fade out and just hear dick's story. I feel it works so far, and everyone I have made read the peice don't feel that it's confusing. So I think I'm going to keep it that way. I have to add some more to the story though, I feel there isn't enough depth. and I still have to figure out how I want to talk about Dick's drug allegations/arrests and where I am going to put them into the story. But I think I will be proud by the time I finish on Tuesday!! :)

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I had the same thought when I read Coco's story too. I thought to myself, "What was the point of that? Did she have an objective when she wrote this piece?" I thought she wrote well too, but it doesb't seem like she has a lot of narrative writing experience. To me, her story really did seem like a diary entry and not a narrative.

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