Bowden was there?..

First, I have to say that I enjoyed Tales of the Tyrant a lot, a lot. It was a really fascinating profile of a man that probably hasn't been profiled many times in his career as dictator/uncle/God. Having said that, I must question where all of this information came from. Bowden mentions a number of people that he has apparently interviewed, but these side characters never stay around for longer than a page or two, if not only a paragraph. How does he know all of what he knows with such detail? The only way Bowden should be able to write with the depth that he does, in regard to Hussein, is if he had been in Iraq witnessing the events or if he interviewed Saddam himself. I doubt either scenario happened. I did enjoy Bowden's style though. He told a side of Hussein that I had never considered or been privy to hearing about. But none of that matters if Bowden fabricated it all or at least expanded upon the truth--I'd just like to see his source list.

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