Chelsea Clinton...Bail!!!


This was an interesting piece. It was written by someone who seems to have little to no narrative nonfiction writing experience; she worked dead-end office jobs and then, by luck, became a hostess at a popular restaurant. I thought that was rad. The story provided an interesting and honest look into what the high-life is like. It was much different than the celebrity magazines or E! True Hollywood Stories. She made these celebrities and socialites look like spoiled brats - it was awesome.
Her writing style was very descriptive. Her use of dialogue with Naomi Campbell gave me a clear picture of how she talks and what she is like - "give-me-a-drink-I-need-one-please!" and "I want a pink one." Also, it was surprising how fast those ritzy restaurant fall out of vogue, which I think was a subtle theme in this story.


If she hadn't put herself if the story, I think the story would not work at all. It needs to be a personal account, with some voice, some opinion, and some personal anecdotes.

I agree with Abel, that this story would be completely different if she hadn't put herself into the story. I think that it does a great job showing how celebrities and stuff really are, when they don't think there is a reporter or camera in their face.

I agree with your comment on her style. It's really cool that someone with no experience could tell about their life and have it be interesting enough to appear in a book like this.

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