clearly Savage has a strong voice

Despite a few things, I didn't like Savage's story very much. What I did like about it was that he was standing up for what he believes in. His story is definitely powerful. Here he is, a gay writer for a sex advice collumn doing everything in his power to make "fellow" Republicans uncomfortable. He has guts. However, the way he went about his investigation about gay rights from a Republican stand point I didn't understand. Rather then being at all objective, he is quick to call each and every person in the Republican party a homophobe. Yikes. The end paragraph was well written and got his point across. He said, "Leave us out of your platform and I'll stay away from your convention. But, if we are in the platform, I intend to return." In my opinion, there's no denying Savage is a good writer, but his style isn't for me.

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