Coco knows how to write


I really enjoyed Coco's piece on so many levels. First off, I was a hostess for three years and I can totally relate with the unruly customers always expecting more and also the feeling you get with helping people and making them feel good. I loved her line about being with people on their date and birthdays because that was the one thing I like about repetitively bringing people to their tables; you get to share that little part of their special evening with them, even if they won't remember you the next day.

Also I enjoyed the part when she spoke of her clothing and how she tries to not wear the same thing twice. My best friend is the exact same way and I totally envy her style and ability to match articles of clothing so they always look fresh. I was happy to see my friend shares this passion for fashion and inspires me to indulge in this field.

Finally I found Coco's piece to be enjoyable in the fact that it was a narrative piece, but didn't feel narrative. Her use of detail really made the story flow and I wasn't hung up on the idea that it was her own voice telling the story. Overall very nice piece and the length was very refreshing as well.


I agree with the length. It was nice to have a story that could be told without having to read 50 pages. It was a change to what we have recently been reading and I also found it refreshing. I think I liked the story the most because it was told in her point of view. She describes her characters really well and it kept me interested.

I also liked her use of details. Those club situations are often not told form an employees perspective, so I found that interesting as well.

I'm glad you talked about your hosting experience! I too worked in a restaurant (as a server) at one point. I hated my experience! It was fun to hear from someone whose experience was so clearly different from mine. She obviously treated it (at least for some time) as a career and she dealt with very different clientele than I did.

So in some was I, like you, could relate. But mostly I was in disbelief about the kind of people and behavior that she dealt with!

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