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I really enjoyed reading Coco Henson Scale's story in New Kings. Her details made me laugh and I was entertained the entire time. I think that this type of narrative reporting is the most interesting because it takes a real-life job and exposes it to the rest of the world. I have been a host at a restaurant and I definitely know what it's like to deal with rude customers and have to make people wait for an hour. I tried googling Coco Henson Scale and I only came across this story, so I am guessing that this is her only story that was published in the NY Times, which is an impressive feat by being her first story. I think she gives a face to the celebrity world and that it isn't all glamorous. Celebrities are human beings and some are just jerks. I would be a little embarrassed if I was Star Jones and especially Barbara Bush. The true personalities of these celebrities was depicted in this narrative and I think the story made the NY Times because it was exposing the side of the celebrity world that doesn't get written about. A story like this solidifies to me that you don't have to have a ground breaking story for it to be accepted by readers. I think all the narratives in New Kings this semester has accomplished the goal of letting their sources tell their stories and I find stories like that the most interesting. Some journalists like to hear their own voices in their work, but that turns me off to the piece of writing unless their opinion and viewpoint matter to the story. In this case, Coco's experience and memories at this job was the story and I think she worked in details beautifully.


Its pretty awesome that this story was in the NTY. I can imagine New Yorkers getting mustard all over their dockers on the subway reading this short piece.

It's funny that this ended up where it did. I wonder how the Bush daughters felt after reading it. I agree that the use of details really did make the story.

Agreed. The details made the story. They made me laugh and made me want to keep reading.

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