Daily habit or day before habit?

Lane Degregory's piece about how to go about finding a narrative story to write was really helpful to me. A lot of what she said is what we learned in reporting and writing II. I think we all know that it is true, if we go out in the community and spend time we will find a story. That is basically what she is saying in every point she makes. Narrative journalism takes time. I think the only thing that is preventing us from writing great narrative stories is fear and effort. I will be the first to admit that in reporting and writing II I waited until a couple days before our first story was due to go out in the community and talk with people. I kept putting it off and putting it off. I was scared. Going into the community and talking with people should be a daily habit for a journalist but often times especially in school I think it is more of a "day before the assignment is due" task. I think in order to write good narrative we need to overcome our fears, go out in the community, talk with people and do work. I especially like how she said she would just listen to others conversations and then talk with them about interesting things she heard them saying. The story about the man at the graveyard is great too.

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