Definitely more useful than "Getting to Yes"


I loved how practical this section was. This wasn't abstract platitudes of journalism theory, it was real-world solid advice about how to make a career out of narrative writing. It was also a very real look at what the life of a freelance or narrative writer is like. It is no easier for these professionals to garner motivation to get up off their couches and go find, report, and write their stories than it is for us students to get up our couches and find, report, and write our stories. Graduating from school doesn't magically change us into productive, motivated, efficient, content-producing machines. I loved the anecdote about how he tied himself to his chair with a piece of yarn.

The analogy of book-writing to gambling is a good one. You can't really bank on making a killing. You have to either be able to afford playing the game for fun, or you have to be willing to risk the loss. Either way, the bright side is that you can, to a certain small degree, make your own luck. With yarn. You make your luck with yarn.


You make a good point! I wrote about how scary the chapter was and I noticed that a lot of our classmates did too. I think your post is like cold water waking me up from my sleep. I love how you point out that graduating from school doesn't change us into machines. A career in journalism at UMD (as a student) isn't going to be the hardest we ever have it, that's for sure. Maybe we shouldn't have been so surprised by today's reading. You helped me realize that! Thanks

You made me think of the reading in a different way. I really liked how you mentioned the analogy of book-writing to gambling. I think that that is a scary part of journalism. When you are a freelance writer you don't know what luck you are going to have. You may go out and find this story and pitch it, but no one wants anything to do with it. But that is a risk that you just have to take if you have the passion for it.

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