Definition of organizing your thoughts

I really enjoyed this piece. It took me through his life and gave me a look at his world, what is might be like to be him.

It would not have any idea how to structure this story. If I would of had all the information I am sure he had my story would of came out looking like a mess. I would be interested to know how he chose what to be in the story and what to leave out. How did he organize his note? How did he choose how to start and end? With how much information he had this story is extremely easy to follow and as a reader I wanted to keep reading.

It is cool that he never actually quotes Saddam but it doesn't feel like he needs to. Usually, I would assume a profile piece would require a quote from who you are talking about but this one doesn't. Reading it I didn't feel like it was missing anything.

I also liked the writing style. I think the writer took risks. One thing I noticed was how a lot of the paragraphs started with Saddam....
This is something I would as a writer try to stay away from as it might sound repetitive, but with this piece it works.

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