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I think savage's piece was interesting but just not the right topic to be talking about in this light. I do not have a huge major view either way in politics, thats just how I was raised by my parents, but I know enough to know that this is some dicey writing. He was not writing for a piece of narrative non-fiction at all. He was writing to bash republicans up and down because he thought he could make the transition for this piece smoothly and write about his experience. (bare bones what I got) Just the fact of who he is as a person and as a writer makes it that much more difficult to relate. I am also non-biased towards any sexual position, I was raised in that way too, so the fact that he is a gay man does not strike me in any way. But for him to come out and say that republicans are homophobes probably wasn't the best thing he could put in the story. I think he needs to take a page out of Sam Cook's book here, and weigh in the fact that in this new hostile environment, he couldn't predict what was going to happen, he could only write about it non-subjectively. I agree with a few other people when they said they thought he should just stick to his democratic roots and be content with that. There was no need for him to go to these party events and throw his voice in them, taking every negative thing he can about the opposing party. It's just not the right context to be writing about that kind of stuff. Keep to your opinon pieces about sex and relationships, because (IMO) he had no business "being in their platform".

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